A Gathering of Sounds


Holy crap Frank Sauce aid. There's a whole slew of christians out there.

or stuff I did in highschool

The joke among men: the size of self and the attrition of facets

in the light of morning

Half done desire sits idle, mild men

strapped up by beauty in bed

what madness or sorrow brings

a blight of will?

wit but fragments for a few alive as shadows

we alone hold the refuge of hearts, the stammer of self, and the will of

legions past the report of rumors ripped through memory

a gathering of sounds

our noise is next

writing: read below a like: thin ripped pens

your luck is with you

spread around to find you're thankfully

thicker than a pad of butter

but not thick enough to make the ridiculous safe

just remember, a slew of adieus might not make them all go away

life attracts life and we're aliveā€”a gathering of things making other things

gather like our selves

Frank Sauce

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