everything in our lives happened to bring us here

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I've been watching female ejaculation videos all afternoon. The thing I love so much about them are the women having a body-shaking, tremor-inducing orgasm. Thankfully, it was a small collection, so I didn't have to read all the copy, just watch the same videos all afternoon. The copy's all web-optimized, which gives it this touchy-feely subtext, getting trite and irrelevant in the first few minutes, but it was a good read for awhile. You wanna learn more? Be careful though, it might be too much.

Hell, this might be too much. There's another Frank Sauce1 in the world. He lives somewhere around Saratoga. Glad I'm not him though. He has a kid. That's a lot of responsibility for someone like me. You know, having a kid and being me?

I mean, I like to take viagra and ride mass-transit at rush hour on my way to work. Rub up against people and smile. It doesn't matter if they are attractive, straight, bi, gay or whatever. My viagra induced hard-on never leaves my pants. It's for show only. Plus, I like to sit at my desk at work all hard and talk to people on the phone.

If you have a kid, you shouldn't like to do things like that.

1 "Frank Sauce, owner of a motel in the area, took off immediately down to the water to help.
He said, 'I was just trying to comfort people that were there, and my daughter, Andrea, was escorting them off the docks after we got them out of the boat.'

Strangers were helping strangers, without a second thought.

Sauce said, 'It was great how the community came together. There was so many people that were running into their homes and getting blankets to cover people up, the emergency squads were coming from all over.'

But days later, the images of the seniors and the stories of their loved ones are still with him and his daughter.

Sauce said, 'After a while when it's quiet and things have calmed down I think that's when it will hit me more. I'm more concerned about my daughter, she's a lot younger, and how she's responding to it all. Right away she didn't want to talk about it. We gotta keep an eye on her, but I think she'll be alright.'

2 Responses to “everything in our lives happened to bring us here”

  1. Blogger O'Grady 

    Sauce, you madman.

  2. Blogger Lilly 

    I'll second that, O'Grady ;-)

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