Put her cherry on fire


Heart's on Fire Cherry Pie
She's got a fire cherry in her belly

I've got one between my teeth

The fire cherry is the next fruit in the tree of knowledge

Quince, Apple

Fire Cherry

I killed and ate all the birds in the fields with Fire Cherry seeds in their stomachs and made bird soup

Now I don't know what to do

120 was good for a long time


Frank Sauce found your way to become a saucier
We dragged ourselves up with you in our arms; your feet tendrils, your eyes masked in the pattern of glass. We broke you. You broke us.

Your child will only know the other father and our days will move with arms and hands. Where are you now? When will we know?

The only second.

The fourth acting like it's third.

There's a period of ending and a space between before the next starts.

Your punctuation moved us.

This must end.

Frank Sauce

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