TV and Poetry to Shop By 2007


He was with a Santa Suite. It was a magical suite of a magesterial nightmare

It's not all narrative; it's not all A to Z Even things narrative are not Z to A

Some things are TV It's an acronym noun right? What is TV? This is what we should ask ourselves

You could go TV


"The real world is not the world of academia"

In other words:

The Annual Poetry To Shop By 2007

Some of you froze your ass and other extremities to the bone to bring poetry to the shopping masses the year before last. Last year wasn't so cold, but just as beautiful. We were visited by a squid and some out-of-towners. Hopefully, this year will be more warm in this splendiferous affair with the truest form of poetry, Street Poetry, for the soon-to-be-poor, huddled masses looking for the perfect gift for their loved one(s). Let us give them respite from their plight with ours and others' poetry.

All hail to the wondrous warmth that a few poetic (and loud) words can give to passerby's and those who stop long enough to listen.

Bring your poetry, yourself and your friends to this, the most cherished and despised of seasons: the shop-'til-you-drop-more-money-then-you've-got season: The Holiday Season.

Let us celebrate!

High Noon (12pm)
Saturday, December 22nd
Portland, Oregon
In front of the Pioneer Courthouse, across from
Pioneer Courthouse Square on 6th Ave.
Hosted by Frank Sauce

Frank Sauce

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