Frank Sauce, his mother and his Finger


Frank Sauce says,
One finger is all I know well
One finger
It's my personal finger
I feel it all the time
It's my favorite finger, even though I have 7 more
and two thumbs
My thumbs are nice,
especially if I'm holding my wife
or holding a fork
I like to feel an edge with my thumbs
My pinkie seems useless, but I know what it does
with a glass of bourbon and I kinda like it
my pinkie believes I have no affection for it, even though I do
But this one finger, I always know what it does
It's a relentless finger
It's in all the family pictures

Stitch Your Door


The stitch you stretch becomes you
you are not you when you hear this
you are between we and me,
to share this stretched stitch

Fuck it

Where were you when we were here?
They are all there still

I did it all alone, threw
the refrigerator out the door with
a crash, scared the neighbors they later told me
through the doorway that now lets winter in
"What use is a refrigerator when it's 35 degrees
inside for days?" I asked them
They all nodded with my misuse of reason

We should freeze to stop the flow of you
and me

They are all here now and we eat you for dinner
and I dessert on earlobes for the first time

Frank Sauce

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