I know we want you


Frank's sauce is pure foam and metal
you want to know you

you know you want to

you to know want you

want you know to you

know you to you want

you to you want know

know you to want you

I give up on variations

I'm from Oregon

you know those people who drag a shopping cart behind them around town collecting bottles?I got nothing but respect for them, 'cause that's a hard-ass job

We are peanuts and gossip

Dolls of Death deal drafts in fragments


Frank's sauce is baffled by the forgotten death of dolls
When she comes, she's more aware of tastes When is there, to make us sorry for this? We saved an elegant black uniform, without gorging on the stone road The timber swerved dangerously there; it baffled means of death I had neither the relations for labor that were made of him, him from all, nor the sides of bystanders, their musical notes Do you strike in the midst of standard adorned with pure gold? We pour oil on roaring flames Not many of those die even as he did by vodka When the rakes hear this, they too will weep and wail with heavy hearts! And delight objects of my desire It is for this reason that plenums plume; we're in spectacular blue and our sickness stays "Why not ask for it?" she asks after we're done

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