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This picture does not depict Frank Sauce, who possesses Savoir-Faire. Just ask Nick Nolte. He'll tell you all about Frank's sauce!

I travelled to the Savoir Faire and it meant nothing.
Now I'm here doing everything.
These bestial moments must signify something.

Then we ate country gravy over Belgische frieten

Alles is goed.

A Stopping and A Starting


I went looking on the internet for someone who chopped up a bit of Genesis and wrote, "In the beginning is the Word and the Word is God and God is the Word."

There wasn't anything interesting to be found in a few short minutes, so I came back here.

This is a beginning and below this is an ending, even though this Courtship continues.

Oddly, as I think about this beginning and that ending, I figured out that above this is a beginning, too. It's a painting that Anna Todaro did for me about six months ago. It sits behind me on a wall as I type at a table, all hunched over like I'm not supposed to be, even though I really like to type this way and work this way. Back to Anna, then. She's does a lot of different things and has a lot going on. I commisioned the painting above with only fragments (The title was "A Courtship of Memories, Like Dreams" and it's ratio was to be 1:3). I didn't give her a palette or anything else really. It's a wonderful painting that fits perfectly along the long wall of our living room. That is one part of the beginning. The new art work for this Courtship.

The other beginning is an ending.

All the text that is below and is in the archives to the right will be put into book form in the coming months. While I can't really say when it will be released, I can say this:

This work is where I come when no other work is happening. That is, I post a little ditty when it doesn't fit into the other projects. It is dross in the sense that it's extra and has no place after I've written it. However, "The House of Moments" sections have turned into something on their own, so you probably won't see much of them in the next two years here.

I like time as a form. To have a chronology is really the easiest form to fit into.

This isn't a work of or about time, but time is inescapable in life and in this form.

As I wrote just a few minutes ago, the first two years of this "A Courtship of Memories, Like Dreams" will become a book. It's form will be different than hear, here.

After the next two years, it will become a book again.

So this is a beginning that will soon disappear and become a middle again.

I like it in the middle.

Thank you for reading this Courtship,

Frank Sauce

Frank Sauce

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