So I took a pill


Frank Sauce doesn't do pills, but that doesn't stop other people from thinking Frank Sauce should take pills

So I took a pill and it got caught in my nose
This is my hospital band
So I took a pill
And like ten minutes later
it got stuck up my nose

And then I took another pill
Called the police
They let me go to the emergency room

So I took another pill
they shot water up my nose
and . . . then . . . oh yeah

And then I took another pill
and then I couldn't smell

And that's the whole story

Something in Everything for Nothing


Frank Sauce is everything for nothing and whatever between

Everything is the concept of all that exists.[1] Every entity, physical body, and abstract object is part of everything. Everything is the opposite of nothing, though an alternative view considers "nothing" a part of everything.

What do you say? Why? Questions, questions, questions, questions in one question

You are the everthing     real

you are a real everything

(avoid nothing or avoid everything or something in between)

that's why Frank loves [e]

this isn't done,
darn it
darn everything
mind                  the gap

empty and full is full of nothing's everything

There you go again, Frank


I often wander in the wonderment of wandering

An Inaugural Poem


Frank Sauce has Hope
Drain the day with song
with apologies to Hope in the 44th Presidency

Each praise about repairing
walking din, somewhere
mark that highways will Sing the names
dead died
who where many brick
many day
Names Sing someone safe; this walk
the of the
have words words,
then day
Tracks brought catching
about speak about speaking
Wooden smooth,
oil cello,
for spiny whispered,
who train the raised here
Would who the tracks raised
picked cotton
built place, picked brick
For business, catching eyes,
darning "Take and we
glittering uniform, harmonica would"
Pencils cannot others declaim;
music pair teachers consider
laid dead
laid train, the roads changing
Someone about
noise thorn on
that, bridges into of bridges,
edifices other or
which the that
that the
they need
or to spoons

song for the day.

Day we go about our past
each other, catching each others' not,
or all us is and bramble, and each
one of our ancestors on our tongues
is stitching up a hem, a hole in a
a tire,
the things in need of repair.

Someone is trying to make with A,
of a drum with boom,

A woman and her son wait

The bus, a farmer, and
the sky say, "Out your
Begin" at the same time

We encounter each in
or words to consider a reconsider.

We cross dirt and of who said, "I, to see what, on the other side; I know there's

we to find need,
are We?
We yet see

Say it plain, for us and the
by the then keep clean and work inside of
better something down the road."
Say it have this
the who us
the the
and the
by the
they then
keep clean and work inside of

All us is noise

Frank Sauce

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