Pipe Dream No. 9


Frank Sauce is no Michel Foucault
In a recreation pit, our entire
dream is in a pipe

we're a dime-o-dozen, pal
it's a shame
I could be head-spun drawn

On a couch reclined
this pipe is still a pipe
she said
it's unbelievable

we admire you

Birl Log on the Fire


Frank Sauce is no Sarah Bihl

We have purchased you
this we know

I lied

Half truths of swallowed lives
Bring it on
Bring on it


satisfy my heart
eat your soul
we shallow walking will

tethered desk, high stool
drink from pools of puddles stood
we can give you this

really three sang loud about cups
filled with water like only cups could
better than your child's lull


to eat hearts and unimpressed fools
beauty in dipthongs reign
when we slide between our sounds


birl I would you

9 Butters Left


Frank's sauce is buttered bread

The key is a good meal

your mouth is a door and its lock your tongue

your stomach is its knob to be turned

Our motto here: "inspire other people to do the dishes"

or "a mind is a meal"

enough of this: a life supreme is love

do you know where love resides?

No, your gruesome groin of gash is blessed to only hint at love

To say it a bit differently:

He is the perfect mix to me of blues and folk and funk and feeling

and then I found myself a mother

knitting stuff with afternoons of sleepy mama waiting for me

but then again, there's only one captain on this boat

and on the other side untitled pride

until untitled lashes s t i l l morning gives us quiet time

another anthem for another 17 year-old girl

our reasons for staying

the book girl from anthropic boyfriends came and went through all this

thought I thought I could marry some

We knew they were all kits shipped few

I must say, “I know”

I know bread is life and wheat is stuff

He eats a lot of fruits and vegetables

Almost everyone eating all these foods will do fine

and survive

But remember I am trying to regulate the devil

Some women who don't ovulate collapse, may be their devil and it definitely is mine

My stomach and my needs are the devil

When the devil leaves, we feel more blessed and amazed with lives unexpected

How happy we are that there is

Lovely, heavenly Our minds for our lives

a trade

and gently and lovingly, a masterpiece I really have learned life loves life

That's why I went to the fabric store tonight in search of prints to make some new spring scarves

I just love this look and I also love toast (the catalog of bread to follow)

I get a lot emails about what I eat

and soon we'll be off to the kindergarten valentines day party!

Tonight as I lay in my misery I will be thinking a lot about that penny and just how lonely I'd be if I hadn't found it I remember, too. That was really funny.

I hope it gets warm again real soon

I can't wait to go to the park and eat all the rabbits with fresh cut grass in their bellies

Frank Sauce

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