Spy Eye-Huts of Age


Blowfly, the original dirty rapper! And I just started Ron Silliman's 'Age of Huts (compleat)'
I spy a blowfly in his own sky without an eye
It is I, he tries we, all for an edgeless boundary

He writes
something about realism is swamp-age, not gas-age
All this and the whole time, I've got a stinky case of gas
that no Beano(TM) could cure
an aftermath of a pure pork protein source

Too Good for Oily Gas?


Diet Right Gas at Night

Side effects:

"Anal leakage,
loose and frequent stools
that may
be hard to control,
and gas
with an oily
are just some of the effects
you may feel."

thanks to Zoe Trope for this (whose blog I wanted to be about writing and, more specifically, about her writing, but it never is. Freakin' Bloggers! They're worse then poets.

All this because there's a new-ish drug available over the counter that stops your body's ability to absorb fat.

We here at Frank Sauce recommend Schedule 1 narcotics rather then some drug called Xenical.
If you play your cards right, you won't have to eat or shit for weeks at a time.

"The chance of a lifetime," we say. "Let go of the window, but don't jump, just feel the near-death rush."

War Chore


Our war cores apples on a sun-dappled lake to trim an inestimable gap for a sapling's coming of age into a tree for a day and a half until I cut it down with an ax to put up our tent in the perfect place along the lake shore below the mossed branches of an old oak for my love and I to share our doubts on a hope for humanity

The next day we hike to an alpine lake to gather ourselves around wind-whipped shrubbery and red lichen on the rocks

The day after we will go back down to the valleys and rivers wrapped in roads and houses

What William H. Gass, Mike Daily and Tao Lin have in common


Dear reader,

I went to Powell's to get Tao Lin's "Eeeee Eee Eeee." Got it.

Picked up Gass' "Tests of Time" for $10 (new)! Read the essay "Tests of Time" and I had to wonder: will Tao Lin and his possible-future masterpiece make it to the test on time? Or will "Eeeee Eee Eeee" be it?

I'll read it after Gass and Mike Daily's "Alarm."

More later on this, but maybe not here.

Take care,

Frank Sauce

ps-I have sinned an undeniable sin. I didn't read tonight. I haven't gone to sleep yet though, so perhaps there is hope, but the body cannot be denied, especially after blood. I didn't write either. Correspondence doesn't count, except for this letter here. I'm so excited about Phase One next week too!

The Great Head Shot. No filler


The great head,
I pray you,
pack house
who is this woman?
average anxious
He as an invention
became repeated
the word engine
bone brush tendency bore
to keep it up
The advertisement
dealt and cried error
He's by
You mowed dress must brass needs to be a stranger in this region
Fried Bob
Ester looked plate shy
steadily into the gotten of her little face;
but you say truly, reply order
the got last wing other.
I am a stranger
hearing Murmurs
a desert blonde continues.
Hold me.
Caress lit cloud tip slips coldly
You have broken the spell
At comb rusted upheld the defiant corner of Beaver Street beneath the scaffolding
you chase attempt thick their silver-foil word of leaves
Claim an other tensely in incident of the fail-spoken same nature.
The freeze thick
A nymph sacrilege!
To tempt my riptide virtue!
A large courageousness
What food invention happened on the day were you born?
Thursday. Today.
With pasted elaborate bright gestures,
Was he insulting
pull again,
daughter's foot a third instance.
seek rich the minister had level time to celebrate his vices
Thursday's child has the learned shy man,
observed modern the stranger,
the moment when the camp rode Reverend Dims
Detaches her wed fingers and offers his palm.

After Vaccines


We here at Frank Sauce have established, a priori, a formlessness of forms Nothing's too inconsequential or magnificent for our wandering eye In that, a peace becomes us A lull and then a quickening followed by another lull The form, we would like to write, is a life lived in the lives of lies for our own truth

I ate a sandwich for lunch It was a decent enough sandwich I should bring in my own sandwiches from home, since I can make more of a sandwich then I can buy

Little manifestations of a self salinate another self on these sidewalks

"Yes, mother," we should say "We are the great head together"

There were blooms on my walk at lunch and we both felt they were the last flowers between the flowers and us They stood up to the high-rises; the flowers proud within their lamppost baskets Some had given themselves over to the sun, while the others centered in their pots and ripe pistils Their stems and leaves satiated the sun, but not the buildings built back up these last few years The other flowers' calyxes seemed eager inside their bodies

Everyone here wears war though only a few of us notice the wars in each other Instead, we glance at our sex and smile mischievously on our way to buy books, coffee, clothing or food

I come here to find work after a great lesson forgotten

Savage Messiah


Henri Gaudier-Brzeska as the Savage Messiah

"Plastic Soul is the intensity of life bursting the plane"-Henri Gaudier-Brzeska

It was a phrase, "plastic and acid," that brought me here. Mike Daily and Mick O'Grady, the O'Grady/Daily shows and the passion of and for art.

We here at Frank Sauce are all passion, except really early in the morning. We are not morning people, we are more rock'n'roll than the morning, unless it involves an all-nighter. We are all for all-nighters!

Remember your dreams. Forget tomorrow.


Frank et Le Gange

Frank Sauce

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