Thumb Poem #11


Wind sails full of bluster match swells chopped white against the moon

A creedless man braced against a rail, his will to fall matches his will to rise

The splash-spray creases his face, his grimace half wild

"Have you ever used these symbols before?" she stalely asks

"No. Never." I reply surprised

Thumb Poem #10


Sever several
severe waves

Drought through last season

Your bein' becomes too much for us, an overload of person

A peninsula of cakes eaten in spite, all of us now being cakeless thanks to you

We saw you before you became weightless, and wondered at your sexiest of obesities, like gluttons we dined on all of you for our densest pleasures

Thumb Poem #9


“One more?” he asks

“Yes, please,” I reply

It's a full moon and our anniversary

You expect me to stay sober for this dear Buzios?

Then you my beautiful mess, your dream of the past, your dream of new wealth, are sadly mistaken

You should know how I feel about dreams of ascension

It gives me sad smile, like bile

We don't what it is or what it does for us until we taste it

It's a bitter root for our consumptive lives

Thumb Love Poem #1


We have sex and listen to the wind arrest the chimes, frisk them, throw them down out back

I wake up to metal and you sigh

One of us will have a Waterloo in our loins before the day is over

Frank Sauce

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