A House of Moments III


Eric likes soft walls, so he has hung sheets on the walls in his bedroom. Eric also likes black, so the sheets are black flannel; his walls look and feel like blackened marshmallows, which makes most people cringe, unless they are those type of S'more(TM) eaters. We're not sure how he got the texture of his walls, though. Perhaps it's from a lascivious source or from his bodily fluids spewed from his bed, which is possible if one pondered on the unique smell of his room. Fortunately, his lovers are not the kind of people prone to ponder on unique smells, but because of this those that are the longest exposed, are the same people most likely to recognize the smell of Eric's room.

So she gathers rosebuds for her tea, and rose flowers for her bedroom and the dinning room table from the rose garden.

they are unable to tell us

Read the Read


everyone reads the most read book, even as we see the blood red hook in the first paragraph the "the" that everyone talks says, says all there is to say about everyone now there's a movie, now there's a paperback print now even my friends have read the book, but I won't go see the movie well, unless my father forces me, then I can say he wanted to see the movie after reading the book that he thought was interesting, but not very good and certainly, it was questionable as to why this book was read by everyone, and everyone who meets me will want to talk about the book and I won't be able to talk about the book, but I can talk about the movie that my father forced me to see and I can talk about my opinion of the book I haven't read but everyone has besides me even my wife has read the book and she reads mostly dutch or non-fiction books on crime so while this book is not non-fiction, what grabs everyone are the historical truths in the foundation of the fiction of this book everyone has read, but me as if it's almost non-fiction everyone wants the truth even when it's more fiction than real perhaps everyone likes their truths less then real then real truths while my hope would lie solely in the only truths, which is the truth of you and I and we happening right now my, my that sure is a lot of rain falling all at once out the window, having just ran to close the open window in the little room, soaked because the cats and dogs are falling off the roof, but maybe that didn't happen to you until just now and your now and mine happened at a different time and a different place, so perhaps we have shared a moment outside of time and place about a book that has been read, even by those who qualify that they are not people who would usually read a book like the book that everyone has read, but they had to read it to find out why everyone else was reading it even now as I type this out, I'm thinking about going out to buy the book that everyone has read, which is out now in paperback.

She drinks He eats


She drinks her vomit for breakfast and licks his ass for lunch.

Why are we so fucking crazy that we sit in the sun and talk about hair and makeup, fisheyes and his overhanging stomach

Yesterday grows longer with each story we tell

He tells a story he knows isn't true, but he believes in the story and we believe in him

Not sure how we could, but we do.

He talked about how he was a fisheye collector at the docks in Shanghai, how he got paid well for being the quickest fisheye gouger even though he was white, 19, Ann's boyfriend and rather large for his size.

He grabbed the fish for us, showed us how to hold it right behind the gills and dig your fingers into its eye sockets and then hold the eyes in the same hand until the hand was full and you could drop them all in a bucket

He said he could hold 88 eyes in his hand at one time

That's the night Ann picked up her puke habit

It never should have happened, but even after three years, she still believes it's her boyfriend, the fish-gouger's fault, which always inspires a rye smile from my eyes

How someone can get addicted to puke is beyond me, but then again, I can't understand how people get addicted to war, either. How death can be a solution for others living right

And let's not even think upon Ann and her boyfriend's ass habit

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