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Frank is the stuff of Sauce

you don't know what happened unless you were there
that's what they say, "it's nothing that I envisioned "

it's good if you want it to be

the same or better more seems a long shot that won't last

it's good for the soul, they say

that's the way it is sometimes, isn't it? the breathing takes a nap, a long itinerant map you know how it is, but it doesn't always happen that way, does it?

it's a long way to go, the everessence of nothing, a calamity of skin and bones

gets lost in the malaise, the bygone years should be gone, but they linger

alive in the afterlife of tomorrow

he's a one arm bandit, with a purr and a whimper, the bang ends the world

the toes and the heels resound with the sound of sleep The shell of a man vibrates, a turbulence inside I have found this a thousand times, and a thousand lines that measure time

it is ok, even if you almost died The breath is gone


you're a bookeeper, what do you want?

you feel the smile and dread the aftermath, but it's all noise and lessons learned that doesn't help us make sense of what happened before and what may happen after

it's a lot that is parked A life lived through mirrors and lenses, car doors and engines, gas and pedels

normally you'd be there more and less, more gone then we care to remember

like you remember, alive and quiet inside

are you alive and well? It does matter because we are all matter and energy taking up space, if just for a moment

Will of nothing comes of this It's love through another electronic door

Frank Sauce

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