Set Your Wife on Fire!


Frank's passion is his wife and their fire for Dan and Lorca-a little ditty inspired by spam

From: Christopher Moon
To: Royal McMillan

Dear Mr. McMillan:

Are you tuckered out from your male incompetence?

Change it immediately!

Improve the dimension of your love today!

Are you a little bit neurotic?

So was one Frederique Bartha, who at one time in his life was responsible for the Spanish Jews during La revolución social española de 1936. He thought he should act within the societies where they lived. He was Spanish-French, a hyperbolic genetic and cultural combination, one that would have even upset Aristotle if he were alive and knew the French and the Spanish as well as Señor/Monsieur Bartha.

Perhaps it was Mr. Bartha who didn't understand himself well, only preferred to believe he understood the French, the Spanish and himself better than anyone else for he would argue with anyone about it until he had ground them down to a find pile of human debris and they excepted his unique expertise. Or he would shoot them. Frederique was a violent anarchist who posed as a Nationalist.

Your Set on Fire-Wife,

Christopher Moon
(FS's alter-ego, ego-altered to fit the frame of this post, ya know?)

Frank Sauce

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