Just call him Mr. Potato Head

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Van Gogh's 'The Potato Eaters'

Can't beat a good sack of potatoes

Can't sack a beat of good potatoes

Can't beat good potatoes in the sack

That's right. With a good sack of potatoes and a beat, you'll have yourself a good time.

A text message I got earlier:

"Answer the telephone!

Everyone has a phone and knows how to use it."

I think the FBI is putting depression pills in my coffee at Stumptown, even though I'm too old to be a hipster Doesn't mean I don't enjoy good coffee. And even with the FBI in on it, they've got killer coffee, dude.

Splayed out full, a heart all combustion and entropy, not a catalyst among us

Where is heart without joy and sorrow and guile? A passionless saga of met fear inside a pillow killing sleep, waking death, the sagacious scree of dreams, it's missive of seasons, it's plea of needs

Nothing to take away or subtract from a lump of heart that carries inside itself a tubered heart

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