Now is All and Nothing and Something Between.

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A gap with a view
Night eats at a memory of what needed to be written on the question of existence for Frank Sauce and “a courtship of memories, like dreams.”

"Onward. Further!" They said. but that's not a real answer, only a transition.

Art could be a gap between a self and its society, between a reality and its ideal. We each live somewhere in this gap. One built the idea of the 'objective correlative' and another built a personae, but really they built a similar complex.

Frank Sauce, for me then, became the bridge between that gap; a trickster personae messaging between a self and the society that self perceives. Frank Sauce carries the intention to message to other selves and their possible gaps.

Yeah, there's a bunch more poetic mumbo-jumbo etched in to extend the content of form, to grow the body of meaning, to revel in the beauty and ugliness of you and I and we.

That's really all that needed to be written to-day.

Thank you for reading this courtship and its revelry.



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