The beginnings of forms available

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There are hints of form in this here thing. This is a "Bloem"[a blog and a poem]. There's the immediate form of chronology available, but that's easy.

Here at Frank Sauce, we believe in the existence of the unique ability of bloems to achieve our poetic goals of deepening meanings and their relationships to each other, based on the assumption of one unique thought simultaneously connected to all the other unique thoughts being thought at any moment.

Indiscrete thoughts, is my first response, but not close to what I would like to convey.

This is all about delving into the potential of this given form to express one individual's state of the human condition through poetry and poetics.

The electronic page seems sterile initially. However, it offers the poet the ability to extend meaning exponentially through links [using the link and the page the link links to as a figure of speech (trope, metaphor, symbol, simile, etc.)], or through audio, images, and video, allowing the poet to redefine the page. The page's abrstractability explodes. No longer is the page tactile, fixed in size, a physical element that the poet has to constantly contend with when developing form.

Frank Sauce-our experiment in using a personae as a trickster living between an individual and the world.

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  1. Anonymous Justin Dopbs 

    I don't think I've ever read before a manifesto or what have you for "blogging." I like that you call your site a bloem. It's so much more beautiful a word than what has been used for. Your right - one is immediately put off by the apparently sterility of a website or bloem. But I think we have to go beyond doing it based on the idea that we do not know what fruits it may bring to beginning to rattle off some concrete forms and usages, to begin to treat it as a device for spilling over overabundances of meaning across the world. Hem.

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