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Axis of Evil - a portal
Yesterday, late in the evening, I became a foul man in a foul mood, but not for the reasons below, but a domestic dispute.
Over the course of the last week, I've become increasingly aware of my distaste for e-marketing (e.g. how companies market online, how companies gather information and how they exploit that information).
"Do No Evil." - Google Mantra.
Google has become evil as a portal rather then an effective search tool, ever expanding it's offerings to control the flow of information to better target everyone, including you and I who are blogging on blogger at this very moment.
You're being targeted. All that you do is being recorded so that marketers like myself can better target you to better exploit you.
Perhaps you're willingly exploited, but even then, is it an ethical act, to target market people through the information they process?

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