For Some Others

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(for some)

At the bottom of the drain in my toilet
is the smallest eye in the world
It gets to see all of my shit
Perhaps it's the least luckiest eye in the world, too
Perhaps, like me at this very moment, you're wondering how the smallest eye in the world ended up in the drain of my toilet, rather than in a museum
or in someone's private collection

If I was the smallest eye in the world, I wouldn't choose the drain of a toilet to sit in

But then again, I'm not the smallest eye in the world and the eye won't answer my questions
It just sits there, like a dumfounded eye and blinks.


(for others)

I've stopped cutting my toenails, hoping that something that comes from inside me will grow out long and hard and lovely
Well, beside my belly that traps this book between itself and my lap

Sometimes I believe that my belly is the symbol to the world of my indulgence
But really it just stores the leftovers from my decadence


(for some others)

The examination and treatment you have recieved in the Emergency Department at Saucer Hospice (EDSH) has been rendered on an emergency basis only and not intended to be a substitue for complete care.

Please consult your personal seer for further care.

Thank you,

Frank Sauce

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