The Image of Rights

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Is it right? You know, to borrow images from the internet? I typed in "moment" into google and then chose images and I found this picture.

It's self referential And I like the stories of the people that I read about from the websites that I borrow an image

I use them for inspiration, though this entry seems relatively less inspired Perhaps it's more about giving a bit of background to the process To give the form a bit more intention and one hopes gives you something more

I'm listening to Dutch news in Dutch I swear they just said, "someone doing heroin died smoking barley," but I could be wrong My Dutch isn't very good

Alright, I've rationalize my minor thievery: It's on the internet and that makes it fair game

And this is crap, really Shit Feces The rationalization, that is

They are really just pictures that move me and you will have to spend the time to find their source It's really too much work for me I'm lazy Though I did go to the Plumb Library and plumbed their archives They are in Stratford in Connecticut Do they sell Avon products there? What ever happen to Avon, the company, anyway? Did they get bought out by Mary Kay or Acme?

3 Responses to “The Image of Rights”

  1. Blogger O'Grady 


  2. Blogger O'Grady 

    Dude, I like your stuff.


    Note: I hate these Word Verification things but the one I had to type in just now was good:


    Phonetic Translation:

    "el DJ be our our MC"

  3. Blogger Lilly 

    The process -- I've always been interested in the process.

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