Jack Clarke the Polygamist Poet reports on President Bush

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Mr. Clarke and the President of the United States
In the silence what ancient promise again renewed? For now, the poet praises beauty that is but redness of clay.

We are not gods to create life, and only what is given to us to order and rule (or destroy, depending on your proclivities, ya know?).

Your sun is but a smoky shadow: ours' the flame, an eternal glow. But the president said, "Was not Faustus a historian and prophet? As I lay, all but the desireless spirit seems to roll and pass away."

The President then went on and on: "My love shall be in thine when love is sacrifice above and darkness before us for blind uncountable years when there is still in us a heaven-descended ray of that which built the palaces of night and day as thou only art real, these, but shadows of immortals, if it was so with me, might he not be hostile for all his life long? Through him those who had only blind strength have grown crafty to conspire even against the God with one alone he lingers murmuring heart to heart one infinite love is life enough for me, not too sultry fire stained the sweet crystal of spirit, for what secret lies behind the lovely light? Since thou art darkened I will enter thee giving my light to see the unfallen lights then a vast and silent river seemed to roll and pass me by a night of many million years, which breaks now to dawn, but when they cling unto the hands, the lips, the eyes, our song of war is silent. See what star-glimmering citadels rise in the blue!

Oh, what heroes, what strong immortal soldiers, overcame that ancient axis of evil! In the silence of the towers, what ancient promise again renewed! And yet it was thy will made thee heretical and rebel to that joy.
And yet I think that I, who had could not vanish from his liberal eyes, was still within him."

Mr. Bush as never been more eloquent nor vapid.

God bless us all.

Poet and pauper.

Priest and thief.

Starlit and tramp.

Vagabond and businessman.

you and I

and we

in our neglect of history of prophets and seers.

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