Sardonic Trailers and other Myths

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There are no trailers here; it's just a set for a german sheperd, two women, nail polish, a couch, a table, a door, a latch, a lock, a big beer and a bigger gun

It's not real, even though we might want it to be real; nothing here is real except your laugh, if you laughed or are laughing

Perhaps you cried or are crying, because you miss your old life, the life in the trailer park or perhaps you never lived in a trailer park and that life that you could have lived in a trailer park cannot happen, because you live in a house or an apartment in a city or town far from your birth or too near your birth or perhaps you were born right where you are now, only you're not being born anymore, you have been born and since you have been born, you can no longer be born again into this life that you are presently living in a city or a town where there is a place you call home, a house or an apartment in which you are currently living

Premember is not an elegant word, it's superficial and does not resound

Strange how we hold onto words, even when we have another word or groups of words in front of us that say or write what we want or need to say or write, but we hold onto the word that we have first used, even if they are developed in clever-unclever moments, when we believe we were at our cleverest, but we were or are only mildly clever

Clever does only the head make, clever does not a world or life create

5 Responses to “Sardonic Trailers and other Myths”

  1. Blogger O'Grady 

    Frank, I blogged your wonderful message(s).

    p.s. On my blog. Looking forward to reading your stuff here.

  2. Blogger O'Grady 

    this is interesting.

    but I like the word "premember"--typo or no typo--in the sense that remembering may happen afterwards but premembering could happen beforehand.


  3. Blogger KRT 



    I keep reforgetting things

    my zip code

    my bank account number

    my childhood

    first the trailer park

    then the house and the apartment

    and all the places inbetween

    mother father sister brother ex-wife

    my face mooning back from the mirror

    over and over again

    the premembered things

  4. Blogger O'Grady 

    Your blogs look fine. Wondering why the jimmy my blog is flopping about like a cut-and-paste fish. Dammit.

  5. Blogger Lilly 

    I've noticed, O'Grady. Something fishy has been going on on your blog recently. For sure.

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