Maggie Battle, skate decidedly!

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Before all the Bay City Bombers got married

She got new skates yesterday. He was furious at the wrong about to be suffered. The skates are white, the wheels are rubber and they roll well on wood and concrete both. The co-producers were Calvin Kuhl and David Elton. Maggie Battle laces them for the first time, one eyelet then two until the laces are pulled tight, tied and even.

The Visible, The Untrue

Hart Cranes’ books may be reprinted only when these eBooks are free of all fees. With the white leather of the skates bound to her ankles, as she twists and turns her heavier feet, Maggie’s day-dreams careen for the scrapes and scuffs the skates will have after her first derby.

Yes, I being

She practices starts in front of her mirror, the pose before the startgun goes off makes her smile. The co-producers are Calvin Kuhl and David Elton. She has been practicing her race-face for months, while lifting weights, a mirror above her and beside her.

the terrible puppet of my dreams, shall

Well, I guess I was the first guy ashore so the old man said I could broadcast. “Yep, all by its little self, once you turn those wheels,” Maggie says to herself, digging the rubber-nose of her skates into the floor.

lavish this on you-

He regarded basket-ball and gymnasium antics as light-minded for a football gladiator. “Yep, all by its little self, once you turn those wheels,” Maggie said, looking down, the shine of the wheels still gleamed after being racked up against the moldings.

the dense mine of the orchid, split in two.

The Quartermaster said, “I’m a quartermaster sergeant.” After each practice start, Ms. Battle wondered how the living room wall felt having her skate into it after each practice start.

And the fingernails that cinch such

He never said anything important, and he always said it sonorously. She tried to stop short each time, but to turn would have been even more brutal for her and the wall.


The faster you can get the wounded out, the better chance they’ve got. Otherwise, I’m just the guy who occupies ground. And Maggie asked herself after she stopped her starts, “Will she bring peace, will she bring sisterhood?”

And what about the staunch neighbor tabulations,

He never said anything important, and he always said it sonorously. She wondered why she, herself, would ask such a question, her breath caught up struggles into and out of her, as she skates into her kitchen for a glass of water.

with all their zest for doom?

We wouldn’t hire a lawyer who’d never been to law school, because if you don’t derive profits, no royalty is due. Maggie gulps the water down, her body ready for a soak in her bath and her memories ready for a vodka before dinner.

I'm wearing badges

The faster you can get the wounded out, the better chance they’ve got. But we're clothing and feeding one million seven hundred thousand men. “I take cover and I creep from cover and I hold the line,” Maggie thought aloud, the derby always there, a relentless vision.

that cancel all your kindness. Forthright

They’ll be made and they’ll fly the planes and keep ‘em flying, because the planes have no political aims, no political ambitions. “Skate! Skate! Skate!” Maggie Battle cries out on her way to the bathroom with her shot of vodka in one hand and eucalyptus oil in the other.

I watch the silver Zeppelin

So why do we have to fight all over the map? There’s no spur-jingling or table-pounding. Maggie’s bath steams, the alabaster white bathtub gleans the light from the candles after her war with the wall in her livingroom.

destroy the sky. To

The music was composed by Laurentius Lemlin, with the orchestra conducted by Mr. Robert Armstrong and Mr. Kurt Weil at an afterhours soirée. For an hour, Ms. Battle soaks in the bath, her feet inside the skates that hang outside the tub.

stir your confidence?

SERGEANT: Hell, they don’t want to be swore in! And in that faith let us march toward the clean world our hands can make. Every time Maggie pulls the drain to empty the tub a bit and pour in more hot water, her skates clang against the side of the bathtub. Much to her delight.

To rouse what sanctions-?

I shivered and prayed at Valley Forge, and my prayer was answered.

The silver strophe... the canto

We had a rock to defend, and we defended it. The spirit of man has awakened and the soul of man has gone forth.

bright with myth ... Such

All the same, Susy, I’d kind of like to hear from you.

distances leap landward without

I’m going to see my friends die and hear the wounded cry out like a whispering field.

evil smile. And, as for me....

He was eloquently drunk, lovingly and pugnaciously drunk.

The window weight throbs in its blind

We wouldn’t hire a lawyer who’d never been to law school.

partition. To extinguish what I have of faith.

The sergeant said to be sure to ask you how you were fixed for lemon extract.

Yes, light. And it is always
always, always the eternal rainbow

And it is always the day, the farewell day unkind.

“Yep, all by its little self, once you turn those wheels,” Maggie smiles. She blows out the last candle, after her shadow breaks across her bathroom mirror, after the last flicker of light across her body and face bends her over.

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