A With It Body

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Even you can be a superparticle

Pick a lock to your girlfriends heart with your ultimate key!

All this text is bundled to self-install and run on the halo-scanners
like that chick across the street from you or maybe down the hall

A quick letter:

Hi Pansy Burr!

I hope this lands in your box, email box that is! :-)
I was glad to see you the other day. I expect you were truly had by New York, or perhaps you had New York? The latter doesn't happen very often, but it's the preferred method of New Yorking.

So much, so much, so much happening all the time, lots of great opportunities.
And speaking of opportunities, the deal I was speaking to you about the other day included a company named Hormone (NYSE:HME). It's already risen, but the big announcement isn't even out yet, so there's still time before too many people know about me and you and New York and HME. I have got this to share already and made $2,000 of what you gave me. I propose you to do the same today: sell the rest that you have!

Hope this helps you out. I'll see you this weekend.


Frank Sauce

open timbre
like a midday flower

The Octahedron Group Pad was groomed by Caliope during the inner-rebellion on the playa, between Freak Bomb and Nuestra Casa

We were all night-clad, our palms the capital of our bodies; the lithographer had the craziest haircut and his palm sweated blood like Jesus. The rest of us were amateurs in our martydom, even though Mary had the oddest shaped cranium.

The mothballed office found an onion flute under it's desk alongside a pot-pipe apple

The methyl chloride olive mangrove law is omni-ignorant, naked at night outside the oscillated circuit

The tree officer netted nothing but cells and molecules not found in nature, like spirit nitrogen

The horny curator of museums collected a specimen far from the road of filled with plaster jackets, with a helicopter or two lifting the heavy cargo then dropping them to the ground at the city dump, where all the workers ate coco paste to stay awake and keep working. Sometimes the factory allowed the employees to take the samples. Sometimes, but not too often.

Developers deploy viewers virtually seamless now

This does not signify agreement

We are now search powered, like T. Rex

Soft tissue scientists extracted what appears to be dinosaur seams

I'm a paper baller, not a paper tearer.

The University findings provide insights in evolution through physiology, the change in our extinction could fill three museums, at least. Especially after Montana is excavated for sandstone or becomes the military base near Hell, the real one.

The real Hell that is

This doesn't easily fit in the front pocket of your pants unless you have one of those really nifty phones

Don't space out the importance, either; light still travels faster then a single email.

"Keep on going round the galaxy-no place is home," a self-helper spoke, pointing at me. Pretty crude and crummy, I thought, but spoke not my mind for the third time that day.

Can all feel, share, enjoy together, laugh together and cry together?

Bow and wow, gentlemen. I just detected a couple of tachyons as they collided, while a Bush swore another war crime into office

We all have an ability to deny to believe, how else would you explain the saying "Happy Halloween?"

These things happen. I've sent for a second batch and it's en route as we speak, so talk fast.

Another quick letter:

Dear Loser:

Lots of men deal with this daily not knowing there's a comprehensive solution to the problem.
Not just stopping it, but curing it.

No anguish, only adoration.

Thank you,

Frank Sauce

These other objects are nothing without you

It is the only currency on prime-time

But here time becomes less relevant, but look for the natural decay of access, it's here, somewhere.

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