After a weekend reading Bear Parade off and on with Tender Buttons at the top of the bathroom pile

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Tao Lin and Poodle through a make-up mirror
It has not teeth or sight at this time when by nature it should
For there is what is meant, in any other instances
"A dark grey, a very dark grey, a quite dark grey is monstrous ordinarily, it is so monstrous because there in no red in it. If red is in everything it is not necessary. Is that not an argument for any use of it and even so is there any place that is better, is there any place that has so much stretched out." Gertrude Stein, "A RED HAT", Tender Buttons, Dover, pg 8
Similarly, heat and cold are them, not only if they originate in plasticity, but even if the man, who was of quantity of all that have been mentioned, with regard to the annihilation of perception, of the primary substances love seeds
It is quite true that there is no such them, not only if they originate, but also in all respects by their alteration in facts
I poured some bourbon for us, 'cause these words just won't work hard enough This is a line I thought of on Friday at work, which was inspired by the subject line in a spam that got through to my inbox at work: disemboweled by feathery! A kink-shock-trendy line, don't you think? Do something more with it later
Of the case that way, he would explain the size of a white object in terms of backgammon
No doubt it sits with our degree; but an has I had been you, if I and you exists; it would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a branch
For if two exists, it follows directly that they themselves, those people vary in the degree in which they possess something, not the grammar of some thing

The first was the very difficult, I had still to do an evil and the mean, which is a good, is equally the contrary of the ordinarily arisen, a lack of this capacity through substance capable of admitting contrary qualities
But it was being indicated by the preposition of or by some other of, something which is a part of us, as a hand or a foot
Can we count attrition?
The species of man and the species of ox are not defined by their relation to each other We acquire knowledge of objects already modified, but because this modification occurs in the case of us, it is essential that the correlative object, thought, should be exactly a subject of some other sorts
Besides these senses of the word, there is a fourth or at least a third
Of course, my me may go extinct, but we all die, don't we?
I went besides this

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