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Chrissie's taking care of my dog. Oh, what a dog. "Dog bite/on my leg/not right/'sposed to beg"-Black Flag/Henry Rollins

Chrissie spent some time in New York. I spent some time in New York. She had a day and a night and I simply a morning, a morning away from Newark.

So, New York and Newark. Trains and planes bring us here

Hangin' out at the foodcourt in Newark on a twelve hour lag between home and home.

The first time in Newark I slept all night in the airport on my birthday after getting released from the Army.

Now it's for Belgium and the purest person in the world. That's home.

Asleep in airport furniture is the purest torture, it's like being on the rode, brokedown and having to sleep in a two-seater sportcar, accept your in Jersey and it's grey water is everywhere.

That's all.

The next will be from Belgium with love.

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