Your fingers are a Grave

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Dear Beloved Reader,

This amuses and saddens us here at Frank Sauce:

n : a figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that it does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity

One has to dig down a bit to find this definition.

This title is a metaphor. A=B. B=A. Your fingers=a Grave. A grave=Your fingers.

No, no. Your fingers, dear reader, may not be a grave, but I just wanted to cover my bases, just in case one of us has grave fingers.

Give thanks, if you disagree.

Old farts like us don't wanna know about no grave.

Wasn't Grave Digger the name of a monster truck?

Digger Graves would be a good pen name for a humorist.

We hear, a drink a day keeps the doctor away, three drinks brings us to the page. Or perhaps I'm the only one. Well, that's ridiculous, isn't it?

Live(write) your life like your digging your grave with your fingers. That's our advice.

Best regards,

Your Friends at Frank Sauce

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