Justin Dobbs, Frank Sauce and Possibility

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"I don't think I've ever read before a manifesto or what have you for "blogging." I like that you call your site a bloem. It's so much more beautiful a word than what has been used for. Your right - one is immediately put off by the apparently sterility of a website or bloem. But I think we have to go beyond doing it based on the idea that we do not know what fruits it may bring to beginning to rattle off some concrete forms and usages, to begin to treat it as a device for spilling over overabundances of meaning across the world. Hem."

His name is actually Justin Dobbs and he has a blog at Justin Dobbs on Northwest Literature and Art.

We've never met, but there's been several moments when you could read his words and then mine or vice versa:
"Event of Language: A duet" by lidia yuknavitch & lance olsen on the "What Now" Blog
Stacey Levine and her book "Frances Johnson" by Clear Cut Press on Amazon.com reviews.

I believe we're both really big fans of Clear Cut Press.

I like his blog.

He doesn't have a manifesto, but maybe he's working on one. We'd like to help him with his layout; it looks like a government website, but it's a good read.

What about our manifesto here at Frank Sauce? Does it exist, as Mr. Dobbs suggests?

One could always believe it's " . . . little machines inside that keep me writing."

Our intentions here at Frank Sauce may not be knowable, thus the moments of semi-focused elucidation.

However, Mr. Dobbs offers a glimpse at an important broading of a writer's work through it's existence on the internet, rather then a book or a performance with " . . .we do not know what fruits it may bring to beginning to rattle off some concrete forms and usages, to begin to treat it as a device for spilling over overabundances of meaning across the world." Now, this sentence's ambiguity forces one to create meaning, so that's what we will do now.

" . . . spilling over overabundances of meaning . . ."
Pulling a thing or a segment of a thing from one site and referencing it here, expands on the meaning of a thing here and a thing there, simply because of their established relationship.

As things combine and referents re-combine, the polysemy of a thing becomes polyvalent.

And that opens the fields of meaning.

Who knows where that can lead us as each of us follows a thing through it's cycle.

1 Responses to “Justin Dobbs, Frank Sauce and Possibility”

  1. Anonymous Justin Dobbs 

    Mr. Sauce,

    Yeah, you say some interesting things, and indeed some things that haven't been said at all, in relation to what a blog or bloem can do and why it should be allowed to function and be written on a system literally overloaded with millions of blog and bloem informations, for the most part incredibly stale, yet intimidating both in the volume of total blogs, but in the volume of individual blogs as well.

    I will repeat: it is intimidating, it is disheartening, it is overwhelming. We are crushed. We seem irrelevant. And yet, like numinous little ants we continue to flourish below ground, with stronger than seems possible arms to carry with, and a complex economy of storage and luxury.

    Away with the egotistic blog; it is useless. Let us instead welcome economy in our practices, which is derived much less from the sharing of links and such, but in the sharing of literary objects, literary tomatoes, radishes, boards and nails.

    Isn't it possible to build a city? And then to have that city inform our external life as well? Yeah, it's possible, isn't it?

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