The Urgency of Days

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A day to stay dry
I plugged in to the TV and its news. It's all urgent. Something has to happen and in all likelihood, it will happen tonight and to me.

Mr. Sam Adams debriefs the news crews about what will happen and how our road crews will take care of us. Please! Stay off the roads. Whatever you do, don't go onto a road unless you have all the safety equipement necessary to keep us all safe.

"Believe it, yeah! It's a new dawn"-Grace Slick at Woodstock

Of course, the quote starts off with: "You have heard the heavy bands. Now you will hear mourning maniac music . . ." and then ends with something else, though I'm not sure what. Hopefully, as I imagine, it all ends with a bunch of LSD or some other psychotropic drug.

"Body Brokers"

Cameron Diaz is stoned in a pan shot just now in a quick quip about how much the biggest stars make now.

I've been drinking bourbon, because my wife leaves on Friday for many weeks. OK, you got me. I'd drink bourbon anyway, just probably not as much. I found this really good bourbon for $20 a bottle: Corner Creek and it's only 44% ethyl alcohol.

"Dealing in body parts"

"The gift of the body"

the weather is the news of the night

we are night and then we are day

Saturday will be a dry day, they say, except for me, I'll be wet with wine, I promise!

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