No Heal

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Heal healing, hemorrage thought, graft gasp, constant crotch, pixel pocket, pandemic puss, the fuse lights the fire when she won't suck my cock

Love forgets its preamble, the trough of last nights cough as the cat snores until the bore forlorned in a naked bed beside her

fuck you, I have a toothache, a heartache, a sacredache, a fingerache, a headache, a hairache, an eyeache, a niceache, an ache for every 'yes' he ever said and ache for every 'no' she didn't say when she should have

I've worked all day for the perfect word, so I came home with my coat on, sat down and forgot the word that was perfect

All we need is one word and we spend our whole life looking for it

1 Responses to “No Heal”

  1. Anonymous O'Grady 

    I know that's he's tried or still on steroids - can that be the problem ?

    --Sauce's Smooth Jump Cut

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