Tri-Chiastic Treatises

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1.1 Every poem is of the aftermath of a moment, because of a moment of the aftermath in every poem

1.2 There is no hope for you and me, because without me and you there is no hope

1.3 Money is the potential for tragedy, because without the tragedy of potential there is no money

1.4 Desire is greedy after a sexless month, because a month becomes sexless with a greedy desire

1.5 Each sin is a redemption before you, because you before each redemption is a sin.

1.6 There is only calm after calamity when there is no third, and the opposite might not be so true

1.7 Who without wanting draws their name, when their name draws wanting without whom?

1.8 Floors hold the walls for the doors, when the doors for the walls hold floors.

1.9 To digest the many for enough-with just mounts the injustices, because the injustices mount with just enough for the many to digest.

1.10 Form is the function of fact only within belief, because belief within only fact the function forms

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